About Me


I am a New Orleans native that graduated in 2013 from the Univeristy of New Orleans with a degree in Computer Science. My focus was on computer security and information assurance. I enjoy hacking on Raspberry Pis and Arduinos in my free time, it's always fun to see code interacting with the physical world. I love to fish and try to go AFK every opportunity I can.

I worked as a bioinformatician for Dr. Chris Taylor at Louisiana State University's Health Sciences Center. The worked focused on new techniques to analyze 16S sequencing for microbiome research. You can see some of the research I was involved with on my Google Scholar page.

Currently I am working as a DevOps Engineer. It's been a blast getting my feet wet with AWS and cloud computing.

Bioinformatics Software

Here is a selection of Bioinformatics software I made.


Here are some things I have done recently.


Plotting DWIs in New Orleans


Strategies and Techniques for Analyzing Microbial Population Structure.


My Raspberry Pi powered smart kegerator.